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Best Book Scanners in 2023 Reviews

Book scanning has become increasingly common as a result of the world’s current rapid technical advancements. It is true that fewer resources are archived in libraries, homes, and schools. Such advances unquestionably offer a wide range of advantages.

However, selecting the best book scanner is vital to accomplish efficiency. Why? Of course, scanning books on any form of scanner can be difficult due to their surfaces. Unfortunately, the variety of products available on the market confuses consumers.

To help you make the best decision, this post provides information about the top 7 book scanner reviews. For the best shopping experience, keep reading.

List of Top 7 Best Book Scanners in 2023

#1 CZUR ET24 Pro

 CZUR ET24 Pro

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Because CZUR can’t stand still, they’ve just expanded their line of scanners to include one with a greater resolution—5696 x 4272. It has several characteristics with the ET18 Pro, such as side lights that are magnetically detachable to reduce reflection. Additionally, it boasts greater resolution, increasing it from an area larger than A3 to over 300ppi.

A black mat to set the book on and “finger cots,” a type of thimble to keep the page down that are automatically removed by software as pages are flattened by “second generation” laser measurement, are also included in the package. A hand button and foot pedal are also included for speed-scanning. Most of the time, the software can also detect page turns for automated scanning.

All of these factors combine to create a device that can scan at up to one page per second and save the images to PDF, Word, or other files using the built-in OCR.

Since a live view at 1080P is also available via an HDMI port, this scanner works equally well in both the lecture hall and the office.

#2 ScanSnap SV600 from Fujitsu

 ScanSnap SV600 from Fujitsu

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The ScanSnap SV600 still performs linear scans, changing focus as it goes to prevent the possibility of distortion in the image corners, unlike many document scanners that point a high resolution camera downward. The brightness changes as the scan sweeps across the paper, but the lights stay in the same place. The software’s efficiency tools are also outstanding; an A3 landscape can be scanned in three seconds, and bound pages up to 30mm thick are no problem for the scanner. It can separate several documents on the bed, recognize multiple documents, and correct for curvature to provide scans that appear absolutely flat. Additionally, ABBYY OCR is incorporated, making it possible to extract scannable and editable text, and the quality should actually be helpful. The 150, 200, 300, and 600 dpi modes (all at 3 seconds) and good resolution should delight design studios, galleries, and professional archiving services.

#3 Czur Aura Mate Pro

 Czur Aura Mate Pro

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The Aura Mate Pro is Czur’s answer to the book scanner and presentation tool for mobile workers. It is a document scanner with additional features for online meetings, not the least of which is a second camera in the mail, which is ideal for a lecturer sharing a book or students in a Zoom class, though the addition of wi-fi might be more useful more frequently.

In addition to working on your computer (Mac or Windows), if you use your phone for a prolonged period of time, it will prompt you to correct your posture. Even though it is portable, OCR software and page flattening are included, demonstrating that Czur still takes its book scanning feature seriously. Pixar would be pleased with the lamp-like design, which features a 320 x 240 preview LCD and looks stunning (especially when compared to its sibling).



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In live online presentations and lectures, many of us participate in the sharing of portions of documents, including books; enter the document camera, the equivalent of the overhead projector of today. One of our favorites is the IPEVO V4K Pro, which improved the microphone with intelligent AI noise reduction by using one of the most well-liked designs now available. On a Mac, PC, or Chromebook, the camera may be easily pointed at a book to provide a live display or to take still pictures. It lacks some of the Czur or SV600’s speedy page processing tools, but it can still capture a few pages for work, which is why it has a better quality focusing camera than is necessary just for 1080P live streaming. We really loved the attractive bottle green color, and the product’s affordable price for one without book scanning tools is hard to argue with.

#5 Xerox XD-Combo

 Xerox XD-Combo

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This full duplex sheet feeding scanner may be a more practical tool for some archiving operations because it pulls pages out of a stack and scans both sides. If the book is going to be thrown away after scanning, why not unbind it so the scans may be run through the scanner more quickly? It’s certainly speedy; Xerox claims a user can go through 1,500 scans a day.

In reality, this technology, which Xerox frequently mounts on photocopiers, prefers properly cut pages, but if you can supply those, the machine will produce photos at a rate of 25 pages per minute, outpacing even the most potent book scanners once page turning is taken into consideration. We were also delighted by the fact that banners up to 3 meters (118 inches) may be scanned if necessary; versatility is admirable. A relatively inexpensive gadget also offers the option of conventional one-off 600ppi scans from underneath the lid, which is always a useful alternative to have in the office.

#6 IRIScan Desk

 IRIScan Desk

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IRIScan Desk 5 and its larger sibling, Desk 5 PRO, are designed to handle A4 and A3 sizes. If you’re not wanting to record massive documents, the Desk 5 is an excellent option because Canon subsidiary IRIS kept the feature list short while still containing all the necessary for archiving – provided you’re not using a Mac, that is. These include deletion, finger detection, cropping, and edge detection. Even page turns are detected, thus a pedal switch is not necessary.

The provided software additionally enables live view dual-screening using the webcam on your Windows computer, providing an alternative to moving between views in an online learning environment. We also liked how the device can be transported without any hassle because it is totally powered by its USB connection.

#7 IRIScan Book 5/5 Wifi

 IRIScan Book 55 Wifi

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A handheld scanner—the device you slide over the page or image—was formerly very common. Although they are now difficult to locate, they might still be useful if you wish to scan portions of a book without borrowing them from the library. The IRIScan 5 can even store photographs on a 4GB MiniSD card without being connected to a computer. A 1.5-inch LCD screen is available for monitoring scanning, and this is also where the settings are changed.

Though navigating the scanner across the page will require some practice, it can successfully utilize OCR to digitize type at a size of about 8pt. It may not be as simple and quick as one of the book scanners mentioned above, but it has the advantage of being subtle, and it can handle about 100 scans on a single battery.