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Best Wireless Printer Adapters in 2023 Reviewed

Wireless printer adapters provide a quick and affordable solution to upgrade wired printers and make connecting to them more convenient. Older printers may join Wi-Fi/wired networks and accept print jobs from computers connected to a network thanks to these little adaptor devices.

It’s crucial to understand which port your printer uses for connectivity before purchasing a wireless network adapter. Some adapters function well with USB printers, while others are compatible with printers that connect over Ethernet. Printer adapters typically function with a variety of operating systems and simply require a few minor updates to the network settings.

To assist you in choosing the best one, we conducted research on a number of the top goods from reputable suppliers like IOGEAR and StarTech. The top wireless printer adapters right now are listed below.

#1 The IOGEAR GWU637 Universal Ethernet to Wi-Fi N Adapter

 The IOGEAR GWU637 Universal Ethernet to Wi-Fi N Adapter

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With the GWU637 Ethernet to Wi-Fi Universal Wireless Adapter from IOGEAR, virtually any printer with an Ethernet connector can now have wireless access. It functions by building a network bridge that enables communication between the printer and devices connected to a Wi-Fi network. The GWU637 may be connected to your current Wi-Fi network by simply hitting the WPS buttons on your router and adapter.

The included instruction booklet makes it simple to manually setup the device by utilizing an Ethernet cable to connect it to a computer. For manual setting, you might need to utilize Internet Explorer.

With twin antennae and wireless transfer speeds of up to 300Mbps, the IOGEAR GWU637 should be quick enough for any standard print job. With this device, you also get a one-year guarantee, features that help safeguard the data you transfer, and support for wireless encryption protocols like WEP and WPA.

#2 IOGEAR GPSU21 USB Printer Server

 IOGEAR GPSU21 USB Printer Server

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IOGEAR’s GPSU21 USB Print Server can handle the task if you have a USB printer that you’d like to share with one or more PCs on a wired network. This product has two main ports: an Ethernet port for connecting to a router with an Ethernet cable and a USB port for connecting to your printer. It is covered by a three-year warranty.

There is some configuration required once you make these connections and switch on the GPSU21, but it is generally simple and well-documented (more so for Windows than macOS). The provided CD must be used to install the companion software, and you must select certain fundamental network configurations. You are then prepared to begin printing. For increased convenience, you can set up the majority of device settings using a web browser.

#3 StarTech PM1115UW 1 Port USB Wireless Print Server

 StarTech PM1115UW 1 Port USB Wireless Print Server

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Any USB printer may be easily connected to a Wi-Fi network and shared with numerous devices at once using StarTech’s PM1115UW USB Wireless Print Server. It functions effectively with both relatively newer wireless standards and gadgets and older ones. If a Wi-Fi network is not accessible, the PM1115UW also has an Ethernet connector as a backup for cable connectivity.

After turning on the PM1115UW and attaching it to your printer (through a USB cable), you must connect it to a router with an Ethernet wire. The first setup, which is giving the printer a static IP address so that other devices can always find it, only requires you to do this. You won’t need to use a wired connection to connect to your printer after completing this step.

#4 The X-MEDIA XM-PS110U USB Print Server

 The X-MEDIA XM-PS110U USB Print Server

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Extensive compatibility is the one feature that sets X-XM-PS110U MEDIA’s USB Print Server apart from rival competitors. More than 320 USB printers from different manufacturers, including well-known names like HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Brother, Xerox, Sharp, Ricoh, and Panasonic, are compatible with the device.

It has a high-speed CPU that processes print tasks fast and effectively and is powered by a 5-volt external adaptor. The majority of settings can be controlled through a web browser, and you get support for all important network protocols. The built-in POST (Power On Self Test) to make sure the device operates properly, several status indicator lights, and a small yet lightweight design are further noteworthy aspects of the X-MEDIA XM-PS110U.